KCG Email Reflector

The Kentucky Contest Group is now using the email groups service of groups.io for our active members.

To join the groups.io reflector, please consider the following requests:

  • Active Amateur Radio License
  • Reside in Kentucky
  • Active with the major contests throughout the year

To subscribe to the email service, first establish yourself with groups.io.

After you have signed up for groups.io, in the top navigation bar search for Kentucky Contest Group

Or utilize this link:


Callsign to be displayed with profile is required!

Failure to provide a verifiable callsign to your profile may cause your subscription to be nullified.

To set your displayed name and call for this group, go to the “Subscription” area on the left sidebar. Once inside that menu, at the top click on “Group Profile.”

Edit the desired name and call sign you wish displayed, scroll to the bottom of the page and then select “Update Group Profile.”

This name/call profile is specific to this groups.io page and will not change a profile elsewhere in groups.io.

You may also provide a picture to go with your profile.

Groups.io may be easily customized to your desired needs, feel free to explore the settings to select what is best for you.