2021 Greater Louisville Hamfest

Many Amateur Radio related events throughout the past 18 months have been either severely altered, postponed, or simply cancelled. After a long period of dealing with Covid-19 and all of its ramifications, many Kentuckiana area hams were pleased to have a return to some normality with the Greater Louisville Hamfest proceeding as normal on September 11, 2021.

The Kentucky Contest Group made a special effort to meet at the GLH for much needed in-person fellowship and to discuss topics relating to our first effort of sponsoring the Kentucky QSO Party, which had been held in June. The 2021 KY QSO Party was a grand success, and we greatly thank the event steering committee for their many hours of planning. Looking forward, anticipate only very minor and subtle changes to the 2022 KY QSO Party, the most significant being a one hour earlier start time.

KY QSO Party 2022: June 4th & 5th, 2022, 1300Z June 4 until 0100Z June 5 (9AM-9PM EDT, 8AM – 8PM CDT, Saturday, June 5) https://kyqsoparty.org/

(Left to Right) Tyler N4TY, Dwight KM4FO, Shelby K4WW, John KM4CH, Steve W4PF. Curt WX4W, Buddy KC4WQ; (Seated) Dave ND4Y; (Not Pictured) Jerry K4TG, Bill N4LG, Terry AJ4A, Don WC4D (photo courtesy ND4Y)

The KCG and contesters abroad are looking forward to the start of the fall contest season. Hopefully, 2022 will bring about a more “normal” year filled with the annual conferences, hamfests, and collective operating events so much a part of our Amateur Radio culture.

Stay safe!